Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spintos to play a home game in Arden

The Spinto Band are easily one of the most successful bands to ever emerge from Delaware, right up there with First State Rock patron saint George Thorogood, who can be seen atop Caesar Rodney’s horse all over this bloody page (Yeah, that’s who that is and, yeah, his face is basically melted).

The Wilmington-bred band has done exceptionally well since forming in 1996, going from releasing their own stuff and playing out locally to putting out a critically acclaimed album on a major label (2006’s “Nice and Nicely Done,” featuring the single “Oh Mandy,” came out on Virgin UK) and appearing on “The Jools Holland Show,” the huge TV gig and industry taste-maker factory run by the former Squeeze keyboard player. If you’re on there, you’ve either done something awesome, are in the process of doing something awesome, or will at a later date do something awesome.

But despite continuing to put out cool albums with solid singles (“Take It” from last year’s “Shy Pursuit”) and accompanying quirky and well-made videos in the years to follow, the Spintos kept taking a step down from Bar/None and Virgin UK to smaller labels to essentially putting stuff out on their own again with the help of a distributor (like the forthcoming "Cool Cocoon").
Spinto slide=not complicated.

Why? In the words of the Kyocera guy, it’s really not that complicated.

Thanks to the various bandmaking sites, anyone can put out music, and anyone can be in a band, and anyone can promote themselves. Thanks to technology, anyone can record well-made music and even better-made videos.

And thanks to the fact that a lot of incredible music has been made, a lot of incredible music can also be copied.

It’s an overcrowded field now. Music consumers are faced with so many options now that it’s overwhelming, and they just reach for the obvious. As always, great bands are obscured. And despite the fact that the Spintos went as far as they did, you still get shit like this:

The Spintos are having an amazing career and their accomplishments cannot be understated. That being said, if they had hit the open market in the early 1990s instead of the early 2000s, they’d have reached a level on par with one of their influences, Pavement, and maybe even higher.

The band is at Arden Gild Hall, 2126 The Highway, in Arden, on Saturday (April 6). Buried Beds open the shop at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 day of show.

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