Friday, April 19, 2013

Do the creep: Graham Parker & The Rumour at The Queen

My brain just melted trying to decipher Graham Parker from Marshall Crenshaw.

Now is Parker is the gangly geek who wrote and sang the sweet single "Someday, Somewhere," or is that Crenshaw?

Is Crenshaw the sickly looking geek-in-denial who is constantly lauded for nothing in particular, or is that Parker?

Old age is a bitch. Heck, sometimes I can't separate between Marshall Crenshaw, Graham Parker or Graham Repulski.

But thanks to the Internets I think I got it.

All of you! You are gonna dieeeee!
Graham Parker, who will be at World Cafe Live at the Queen in Wilmington with his band, The Rumour, on Saturday (April 20), is the guy who already looked like the preacher from "Poltergeist II" when he busted out with his 1976 debut "Howlin' Wind" (really? at age 26?).

He then got by-passed by Elvis Costello upon the fellow-Brit's 1977 debut, pretty much because Costello was a clone of Parker - the voice, the R&B-inflected rock, the nerdish charm - only with better tunes and far worse teeth.

Marshall Crenshaw is the "Someday, Somewhere" guy, and what has me on edge right now is the fact that this is the second mention of Crenshaw in the short life-span of First State Rock. Kill me now.

Parker had just one Top 40 hit, "Wake Up (Next To You)," but there's plenty of decent Van Morrison rips like "Heat Treatment":

He also churned out of some of the most awesomely bad album covers of all time.

But he was a pretty solid live performer, which makes his performance Saturday a best bet for local music fans.

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