Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Boz at Dover Downs: Does the fun ever start?

To borrow a phrase from David Ferrie in "JFK," Boz Scaggs is a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma.

This is too big for you. Don't you get it?
More specifically, I guess, it's the overwhelming respect and reverence that Mr. Scaggs' elicits from his fans that has me so perplexed.

Here in Delaware, this high regard for the Boz Man extends to this very day, as evidenced by the massive Boz Scaggs billboard on I-95 just south of Wilmington touting his April 5 show at Dover Downs.

OK, so he was in the Steve Miller Band. He contributed to me wasting my freshman year of college over-valuing decent-but-vanilla FM radio gems like "Jet Airliner" and "Jungle Love" when I could have been delving into the burbling great beginnings of early '90s alt- and indie-rock. Thanks, I guess?

Good ol' days: Litooo ah oooh ooohhh.
OK, so he sang "The Lido Shuffle," which is a decent single, and which gave me some nice memories when Lito Sheppard was on the Philadelphia Eagles and they'd play that song whenever he did something good on the field.

I wasn't born when the 1970s first began and Boz hit his prime, so I don't remember his other hits, of which there were several that hit the Top 20. I'm not disputing this, as it's a fact that someone wrote down, so I believe it. And being as I've heard and dug hundreds or maybe thousands of tunes that were made before I was born, I figured I'd maybe heard these before, but just didn't know them by name.

Nah. Don't really know or like "Lowdown," or "Breakdown Dead Ahead," or "Jo-Jo." And I hear them now and there's really nothing that screams legendary, genius, or any of the other superlatives thrown at Boz Hogg.

What really cements the oddity that is Boz Scaggs worship for me is that he almost acknowledged his
lameness in 2010 by forming the Dukes of September Rhythm Review, a supergroup (poopergroup?) that paired him with jazz geek Donald Fagen and Mr. Mushmouth himself, Michael McDonald.

If a shittier tour has ever been staged, I'd love for someone to stick it right down in the comments section below.

I'm not sure that I would go to see Boz at Dover Downs if it was free. About the only way I would go is if he played my Dream Boz Scaggs set from a secret show he played at the Forum in Los Angeles in July of 1975. The First State Rock research team uncovered a copy of the set list from that legendary gig.

Throw in some free hot dogs and I am so there.

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