Thursday, March 21, 2013

Delaware Music Festival, Take One: I am Lightning

Year after year, more than once a year, a think-tank of music nuts down in Dewey Beach assemble multi-band music festivals boasting acts that zig-zag across genres like a Tommy Wiseau script, only more organized and cohesive. So, not at all really, I just like to reference Tommy Wiseau as many times as humanly possible.

There’s the Dewey Beach PopFest (coming up April 12-14), the Dewey Beach Music Conference, and the Delaware Music Festival, which unfurls 25 bands on four stages both in and outside the Rusty Rudder, 113 Dickinson St., Dewey Beach, from Friday March 29 to Saturday March 30. The only bad news is that you have to be 21 and over to get in. The good news is it’s free. Can’t beat that.
Wayne Supergenius: York County's finest.

Tony Ryder, singer and guitarist for the York, Pa.-based alt-country band Wayne Supergenius, has played two of the three festivals - his band performed at the Music Conference back in 2006, while Ryder went solo at the PopFest in 2011. 

"Playing in Dewey is always a wonderful experience," Ryder said. "The bars, the restaurants, the promoters, booking agents, the soundmen and their staff are always top notch. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a quality and professional gig."

Wayne Supergenius drummer Tony Melchiorre agreed with his bandmate and said all three of the events cater to the musicians. 

And that's thanks in large part, he said, to Vikki Walls, who is the force behind them.

"They treat you like rock stars. Vikki Walls is by far the most accommodating host, and she knows talent. Period."

Leading up to the fest, we’re going to shed the spotlight on as many bands as possible leading up to the fest.
I am Lightning: Do these things stay on when they play?

Today’s act is Wilmington’s I am Lightning, who take the stage at 10:20 p.m. on Friday March 29.

I’m loving the fearless, balls-out approach these dudes take to their emo rock. Could be their experience, as the members all have impressive resumes stuffed with loads of past bands: The Solitary System, Joshua Fit For Battle, Round Robin, Welcome the Plague Year, Rarae Avis and Game Over!

What I like best, though, is you’re not going to get some boring, shoe-gazer bullshit where the band doesn’t move, but you’re also not going to get some overblown theatrics from a band that’s still got some dues to pay.

Check 'em out doing "What's That Sound" during a recent show at the World Cafe Live at the Queen:

For the rest of the Dewey Beach Music Fest schedule, visit the site or call 302-227-3888 for more information.

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