Sunday, March 17, 2013

Raise your glass with Pink at the WFC

Do you ever get the feeling Pink just makes up her songs on the spot in the studio? I'm not going to fuddy-duddy out and rip Pink, because she has her audience and she has her place.

No idea what this is.
But the mere existence of Pink as someone who dominates radio with everything she releases proves it doesn't take much to fill up and sell out a giant venue like the Wells Fargo Center. It's why LCD Soundsystem, who I had never even heard (but heard of, again, yeah, I'm old) could sell out Madison Square Garden with their farewell show. Farewell show? When was the first one?

Anyway, back to Pink, who plays the WFC tonight (March 17). Let's take a song, any song..."Raise Your Glass" seems appropriate given the holiday.

Cool hook. Great production. Awesome vocal performance. But LAZY-ass writing. Using "what's the Deal-io" in the first few lines? "Slam slam/ oh hot damn"; "It's so on right now"; "party crasher, penny snatcher"? (twice!).

(by the way, is it P!nk now, officially, with the exclamation point? It is? Really? I don't care. I'm not doing it. I'm just not).

Think Pink digs Superchunk? Me neither. Great effin band tho.
It just sounds like crap that came to her mind and she laid it over the track she wrote with Max Martin and Shellback (we're guessing they handled the ace music). It couldn't have been laboriously thought over. Or maybe it was. Maybe she really was thinking about the tune she wrote, she says, for all the outsiders. Maybe she was referencing Superchunk's "Art Class" with her otherwise inexplicable "Why so serious?" line.

OK, obviously this is some "serious" over-analyzing of an artist with a preposterously successful career that includes smashes like "F-----' Perfect" (aka the reason "Kids Bop" was a good idea; thank you by the way), "Trouble," "Get the Party Started" (a Linda Perry jam), etc.

Doors open at 6:30 for her show at the WFC, which will be opened by City and Colour. Tickets are  $39.50, $59.50, $79.50 or $99.50. Visit the WFC site to purchase.

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